How To Write An Impressive Essay Giving Your Opinion: 7 Basic Rules

Opinions are so commonplace that everyone can claim to have at least one. This, unfortunately does not make them any easier to put into writing. Here are seven basic rules you can follow to write an impressive essay from your perspective:

Find a few sample Papers to inspire you

The best writers can always learn something from others. Check the web for a few papers that look promising to you. You can also ask your teacher if you aren’t sure where to start.

Take the best tips from each of them

Using samples can help you but only when you know what to take and what to leave. You can only adopt a few aspects of each paper so you must choose wisely. Any more parts from each piece and your personality will be drowned out by the others.

Know What you believe

Even if you are opinionated you may not be very accustomed to analyzing what it is you believe. Conversations are more forgiving in this regard than essays. Make sure you can properly express what it is you believe or you will have a poor foundation for your writing.

Find Evidence that supports that

If your analysis is sound but comes only from your own though processes, it may still be disregarded by others. Find evidence that objectively supports your beliefs so that they can be seen logically by others who may disagree.

Look for evidence to the contrary

Scientists generally set up experiments to disprove the theories that they are proposing. At the end of such a process they are sure that their theories are sound. If you approach your opinions similarly they will be much easier to defend as you write.

Proofread and edit

Having gone through the trouble of rigorously testing the ideas you will be writing about it would be unfortunate to ruin your paper with a series of careless grammatical errors. Take care with your work and be sure to review it for mistakes of all types.

Submit early if you can

This is difficult for procrastinators to manage but there are many rewards to be had if you accomplish this. By submitting early you make it possible to receive your work with suggestions to make it better. When you resubmit it will be an even more powerful paper.

As a bonus tip, consider doing a few from opposite perspectives to hone your skills.

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