How To Write A Brilliant Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

The topic of school uniforms is quite controversial. It seems everyone has an opinion on the subject. You will probably have to write an essay on the subject. If you do, use our suggestions on how to write a brilliant persuasive essay on school uniforms.

Suggestions on How to Write a brilliant School Uniform Essay

  • Take a side, either pro or con. Once you pick a side, think of three solid reasons for why you think that way. Once you have the three reasons for either pro or con school uniforms, think of all the arguments that people will make against your stand. You will have to address with academic support each and everyone one of these objections.
  • Consider the topic from three different points of view: the school staff, parents, and students. Consider how each of these three groups will feel about your persuasive thoughts.
  • Consider whether uniforms will stifle the creativity and individuality f the students.
  • Then think about the uniforms from the point of view of security. Does having a dress code make school a safer place for everyone involved?
  • Now look at the costs involved. Are the clothes less expensive that regular school clothes or are they more expensive? What options will be available such as shorts or long pants. Look at the outerwear that will be provided. Explore all the costs and options with the policy.
  • Once you have found your topic for your brilliant persuasive essay, you will want to take the thesis statement and build an outline. Make sure that your outline is very detailed and precise. Use the outline as you write your rough draft. Make sure that you have intext citations and a reference sheet.
  • After you have written the rough draft, you will want to re-read it. Look for support for all of your ideas that will make your audience agree with your idea. Go back and add any extra sources and support that might be needed. Once you edit and add, proof the paper carefully. You can then write the final paper. You will want to proof the final paper one last time before you submit it to the teacher.

As you compose the paper on school uniforms make sure that you follow our tips. This persuasive paper can be brilliant with our easy to use suggestions and hints.

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