How To Find A Proofread Sample Of A 9th Grade Literary Essay: Tips & Tricks

There are numerous reasons why you might require a proofread sample of a 9th grade literary essay:

  • You might be a brand new 9th grade teacher looking for some examples for your class
  • You might be a parent wanting to help your child along the way
  • You might be a student looking for a proofread sample that you can use as a guideline for compiling your own essay.

Whatever the reason, finding one shouldn’t prove to be too difficult provided you follow these simple tips & tricks.

See what resources are available in school

If you are a newbie teacher, then finding 9th grade literary essays from your own pool of essays is probably going to be a stretch. However, have you considered asking colleagues if they have any samples from former students that you could photocopy? Likewise, if you are a student, then I would always recommending speaking to your class teacher as the first port of call.


With the world and his dog now having access to the internet it has never been easier to obtain samples online. A word of caution: Ensure that you thoroughly check out and vet any sites that you intend to use to ensure that they are reputable and that you are not about to get scammed.

Types of places that you can consider trying online are:

  • Google Scholar – My top choice for students as it is one-hundred-percent reputable
  • Portals set up by local authorities – Again, these are very safe resource sites and you should be able to find the information that you need without difficulty

Text books

You should never under estimate the power of text books. They are often looked upon with derision and scorn in this modern era. However, they can be an incredibly useful tool and companion. Most standard text books that are widely available in school libraries contain sample essays that you can view. Clearly, the major disadvantage of using text books is that they can very quickly become dated and the material in them won’t be as up to the minute than if you were say using an online source of information.

Older siblings

Rather than simply being someone to poke fun at, older siblings are often a great source of information that you can turn to. Most of us hold onto things like essays and papers at least for a little while, so don’t be shy!

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