Creating A Reflective Essay Step By Step: A Guide For Students

Writing a reflective essay is not as easy as it seems. There are quite a few things that you will have to keep in mind before you start writing. The first thing is the flow of the writing. The essay should be more about the reflection or insight you gained from the experience. In keeping with the narrative the flow should be linear and simple. You can also try other formats of writing but for a beginner, the easiest way is to keep the narrative simple and describe the experience as it happened.

Here are a few steps you must follow to write a good persuasive essay

  • The first thing you will have to do is select a topic for writing. The topic should be personal and something which will bear some resemblance with one of your own encounters. This way you will retain the authenticity of the paper. If you cannot come up with anything from your own experiences then search the web. You will definitely find a few good topics to work on but always try to include your own words and emotions.
  • The next step is planning the essay. Since you will be keeping with the linear fashion of storytelling the first thing you will have to describe is the event which caused you to reflect back. Give a brief account of the experience but do not give your own views at this point.
  • Once you have described the event, write about what your views were prior to the incident. This proves a good contrast in describing how the whole thing changed your perception about a certain thing or person.
  • After highlighting your pervious views, start writing about the way it changed your perception. You will have to come up with an evaluation of the whole experience and then reflect on the thoughts you had once it was over or when you got a chance to think about it. The change in thought has to be described in as much detail as possible.
  • After this write the conclusion with an overview of the whole paper. It should have the whole experience its after effects. How did the experience vary from the more theoretical expectations?
  • After you have finished do some proofreading to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes and the paragraphs are written in proper structure.

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