Writing An Original Middle School Problem Solution Essay

If you are tasked with providing a problem solution essay in middle school you might not be sure what that means.

First of all the problem solution assignment is one where you have to present a problem that you see as well as the solution that you have to offer. In some cases you can choose a topic as simple as the problem you see on campus with bullying or the problem you see with Class examinations and the stress that they cost students. But instead of just identifying the issue your job is to identify the issue and provide what you regard as the ideal solution. In doing this you want to also provide supporting evidence as to why the problem you see is a bad one and how what you are saying is the ideal solution makes the most sense. Just because you say something is a solution does not mean that the reader should believe you or take your side. And that is the challenge associated with this type of task.

  • When you are completing this assignment you want to make sure that you cover why your solution is the best. Do not simply tell the readers that your solution is the best but explain why and back that up with evidence. If you are trying to say that school exams are stressful for students you can propose that alternative measures be used to gauge how much students have learned in class and to support that you can present how other schools have used methods aside from examinations to determine the effectiveness of student learning .
  • As with any paper this particular assignment requires a good organization which begins with the introduction where you present the purpose of your paper, transitions to the body paragraphs were you present the problem that you are tackling and the solution that you are presenting, and finally transitions into the conclusion where you remind the reader of why your solution is the ideal solution for this problem.
  • You want to make sure that you contain one single idea for each of your body paragraphs. If you want to present three reasons why your solution is the best solution you need to have three separate body paragraphs for each of the reasons you don't want to fit all of the reasons into one paragraph.

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