A Great List Of Descriptive Essay Topics For College And High School

When you are going to write a descriptive essay for college or high school , you have to know how to describe something to the reader, and the best thing about descriptive papers is that you don’t have to have an elaborate topic for your paper, it can simply be one or two words that you are going to describe to the reader. This list of topics is some of the easiest that you can do for your paper, and each one of these are only a few words long and is should give your some great ideas on what you can write about in your paper.

Descriptive Topics

  • Describe a dream that you had to the reader.
  • Describe a nightmare that really scared you.
  • Describe your first childhood memory or just a childhood memory of your reader.
  • Describe your favorite place.
  • Describe your pet to the reader.
  • How would your describe your best friend to someone else?
  • Pick a photograph or painting and describe it to the reader.
  • Describe your favorite book, TV show, or movie to the reader.
  • How would your describe the future to someone that is from the past?
  • Describe how you learned how to drive.
  • Describe your favorite Halloween costume and why was it your favorite.
  • Have you ever had a paranormal experience, describe that to your reader?
  • Describe a first; this can be a kiss, date, concert, the day of school, and so on.
  • Describe on of the worst days of your life.
  • We are all guilty of daydreaming, pick a daydream that you have had and describe it to your reader.
  • Describe your daily routine to your reader.
  • Describe your favorite store.
  • Describe a trip that you took to a place like a museum.

This list a great start for the kind of topics that you can cover in your essay. When you are writing this kind of paper, you want to keep in mind that you are going to be describing something to your reader, and the topic that you choose is important. You have to use all five of your senses to describe this place, so make sure you know how your would describe it using each one of your senses. And you don’t have to be restricted to just this list; there are thousands of things that you can describe in your paper.

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