A Simple Tutorial On Writing An Illustration Essay About Superstitions

Illustrative essay is a demonstration of a belief. The illustration is used as evidence by the author to support his thoughts and beliefs. The subject matter of the essay can be supported using different evidence such as experts review, current affairs, history, personal experience and analogy. Superstition is a topic which can have a lot of evidence but those are usually linked to coincidental circumstance. A simple step by step guide to write an essay on superstition would be:

  1. Choosing the right topic - A long debated topic such as UFO can be a turn off since only few evidences have been found on it so far. Whereas, choosing a topic which affects the people immediately would be the correct choice.
  2. Knowing the format - It is quintessential to develop the essay into proper paragraphs. Each one has a specified purpose. Ideally an essay should be of 4-5 paragraphs. The first one should be the introduction. The second and third the content which includes the illustration and lastly the conclusion. The introduction must not disclose the essence of the superstition. It should rather end with a question or should leave the reader with a curiosity to read further.
  3. Verifying the superstition - Until and unless a good number of people know about a practice which is not supported by science and is considered superstitious it is not feasible to write upon it since, it won’t be accepted by people. Incase it’s an event witnessed only by an individual then an analogy to something similar known to others must be used.
  4. Usage of illustration - not more than two illustrations must be used. That too both should be different in nature. That means if one is an example from a religious backgrounds the other should be from personal experience or other practices.
  5. Conclusion - to keep the essay interesting the author must keep the conclusion wither open ended or end with a statement which makes the reader think of a superstitious event in his or her life. There is nothing better than engaging the reader with their own experiences.
  6. References - a quick link or references to the illustration solicits that it has indeed happened but cannot be proven by science. This would make the readers believe in the author more.

Superstition is a matter of belief; hence, the reader might not second the views of the author after reading it. Thus, the author must not be disheartened if the essay finds criticism.

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