A Great Tutorial On Writing A 6th Grade Descriptive Essay

Are you in the process of writing a 6th grade descriptive essay, but are not sure how to compose it? Then take the time to learn how each section of the essay must be written to get the best results. In most cases by tweaking your writing style by only a little bit, it can make a huge difference to the outcome. To find out what steps you can take to write a high quality descriptive piece read on:

The Introduction

In the introduction you should aim to hook the reader in so that they would be interested in reading the whole piece. There are many different homework related websites online where you can read up on how to write an engaging introduction.

Make sure to be concise with your introduction, you can leave the bulk of the descriptive content for the body of the essay.

Body Of The Essay

In the body you should structure the work in paragraphs, where each paragraphs present a different thought or idea. Since you are writing a descriptive essay it’s a good idea to use as many different descriptive words as possible. The reader should be able to vividly imagine the thoughts that you are trying to convey.

Most descriptive essays will focus on a particular place, object or person. It’s a good idea to describe these entities from a variety of angles to ensure you have left no stone unturned. For example, if you are describing a person, then you can do so by examining their physical traits, but also the nature of their character. Make sure to give each description some depth so that there is no lack of understanding for the reader.


The final thoughts on the entity that you are describing should be given in the conclusion. Now is the time to make concise points rather than use the flowery language which should have been used in the body of the piece.

A good quality conclusion can make a confusing piece come together coherently at the end to provide some clarity. The conclusion can also mention the point of the piece, so that the reader feels they have read something of value. Your personal opinion on the thing that you were describing can also be given in this section.

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