List Of 15 Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas To Consider

A compare and contrast essays are ones where you explain the similarities and the differences between two aspects. You are expected to make new comparisons that could lead to new ideas that connect and create disparity between the two. Here are some topics that you may consider, which have been explained brief for your ease of understanding;

    Fruits vs. Vegetables

    Give similarities between the fruits and vegetables such as,

    • Edible and natural.
    • Low in fat.
    • Low in calories

    Give differences, between them,

    • Fruits must contain seeds, but vegetables do not contain seeds.
    • Fruits are mostly sweet while vegetables are not sweet or subtly sweet.
  1. Dogs vs. Cats
  2. Give similarities between the two animals such as,

    • Both are animals and are mammals.
    • Carnivore.

    Give differences such as,

    • Cats have a hunting ability while, dogs have a weaker instinct to hunt, due to their domestication.
    • Cats have a life expectancy 12 – 25 years while dogs have a life expectancy of 7 – 20 years.
    3. Mammals vs. Reptiles

    Give similarities between the two, such as,

    • Both give birth.
    • Both breathe through the lungs.
    • Both have good survival skills.

    Give differences between the two, such as,

    • Mammals are warm-blooded while reptiles are cold blooded.
    • Mammals give birth to a live young while reptiles are mostly egg laying creatures.
  3. Crocodile vs. Alligators
  4. Give similarities between the two such as,

    • Both eat amphibians and fish.
    • Both have special saliva in its mouth.
    • Give differences between the two, such as,

    • Alligators have a bottom jaw that is more forward and above the upper jaw while crocodiles have it about the same.
    • Most crocs are bigger than alligators.
  5. Bats vs. birds
  6. Give similarities between the two such as,

    • Both eat fruit, nectar, and seeds.
    • They are around the same size.
    • Both live in a tree.

    Give differences such as,

    • Bats are mammals while birds are birds.
    • Bats give birth while birds lay eggs.
    • Bats have fur while birds have feathers.
    • Bats are nocturnal, whereas only some birds are.

    Here are a few more ideas for you to consider:

  7. Ovens vs. microwaves
  8. Chinese vs. Japanese
  9. Airplanes vs. Helicopters
  10. Paper vs. Plastic
  11. Baseball vs. Cricket
  12. Dried fruit vs. Fresh fruit
  13. Books vs. Movies
  14. Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  15. Recycling vs. Landfills
  16. Lion vs. Tiger

With the examples I have given above, you can understand how this type of essay works, and how to create your own essay. Consider these topic suggestions or use them to spark your own imagination.

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