A Manual For Creating An Expository Essay About Violence For 6th Grade

What is violence?

Violence should be unacceptable in all forms and for all reasons. People sometimes have strong stance against domestic violence but do not care about the hatred and violent behaviors towards a specific caste or nation. We complain about other kids bullying our kids at school or getting violent at them while we cannot help it when we are in anger ourselves. Violence is very little of a human attribute and it should not exist in any form and for any one. Even the killings of animals for sport, adventure, and trophy hunting is a worse form of violence and yet we do not see it as one. It is important while writing your essay about violence, that you define your stance clearly and develop a very clear understanding of the definition.

Expository writing

You have to compose an expository assignment on violence, this only means that you have to explain the subject to your audience. The explanation and discussion must however, contain valid data and logical information that can support your definition of the subject. You have to make sure that you pick a certain part of the subject because violence itself is too broad of a topic to write your paper about

Being original

When you are in 6th grade, you learn new vocabulary and run after new words like crazy because they reveal something interesting and new to you. You should apply the same logic to your audience. When you are composing an expository paper, you should think of something that will invite your readers. Like you run after new words, they would love to run after new ideas. Even if the subject exists since long, you can talk about a less known side of the subject and present it in an interesting manner to your audience

Be accurate

You have to remember that accuracy in writing is important. Whenever you take information from a third source, be sure to include it in your paper in the accurate manner. The readers do not have any interest in irrelevant and misguiding information so you must only give them precise, accurate, and concise information about the subject

Be creative

There is no reason you should stop your creative juices from flowing while writing such a paper. You have all the liberty to let your imagination go wild and think of every new aspect you can target

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