List Of Interesting Essay Topics Related To Saturday By Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan’s book, Saturday, leaves us with a lot of questions. The book is about a London neurosurgeon Henry Perowne and the entire story spans just one day, following Henry as he tries to cope with everyday quandaries such as insomnia, aging, and quest for leisure among so many obligations. But this Saturday is different. After waking up to fire glowing from an airplane above the Thames, Henry drives to a game of squash where he comes face to face with anti-war protestors. Later his car scrapes against another and then endless incidents follow for the rest of the day. It’s a nice story if you read it carefully and try to understand what it talks about.

So, assuming that you’ve been asked to write an essay about Saturday, which are some of the topics you would consider? Here are 10 ideas for you;

  1. Saturday was written in 1964. How might have the events of that year influenced the writer’s story? 55 years later, how do the events of that Saturday embody current events?
  2. In the first paragraph as Henry wakes himself “and he is entirely sure of it.” Does this mean sometimes some people wake up and don’t know that they are up?
  3. After the plane’s safe landing, McEwan observes that Schrodinger’s “cat was alive after all.” What does this show about the nature of human thoughts after an anxiety?
  4. After the car accident, the sequences of events that follow are quite interesting. What class conflicts are portrayed as he Henry argues with Baxter? How would you know who has more power in that situation?
  5. Discuss the irony of the title. It is suggested that Henry intended to spend the Saturday relaxing. The question is; does the real world provide true respite from worry?
  6. Henry is portrayed having an uneasy relationship with his father in law. What evidence is there in the story to pin point this?
  7. Part of the reason Jay Strauss moved to the UK was his enthusiasm for socialized medicine. How would you describe the healthcare system presented in the novel?
  8. Baxter later storms Henry’s house. What role does this scene play in the story?
  9. In the conflict between the two “Henry and Baxter), what saves Henry’s family in the end? The pregnancy? Luck? Bravery, Divine intervention?
  10. Henry still goes ahead to perform surgery on Baxter even after the initial attack. Is this revenge? Perhaps Henry’s liberalism winning over Baxter’s power politics?

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