Winning Essay Topics For High School: A List Of Ideas From Experts

We know that it can be pretty tough coming up with your own topic ideas for any given high school course. Students of this age simply don’t have enough experience in creating ideas completely from scratch, so we had our experts put together this list of winning essay topics to use as they are or as means to inspire fresh ideas:

  1. A lot of professional writers have written articles or stories about their old school dies. Do you connect with these depictions or find them un-relatable?
  2. Write a narrative descriptive piece about a time when you witnessed or experienced something that was unbelievable?
  3. When we think about our childhood we tend to recall a few key moments or events that had a large impact on the people we’ve become. Describe something from your childhood that fits.
  4. Some of the most difficult experiences you will face will involve being stuck in some type of moral dilemma. Describe how you believe you will act in these situations?
  5. Throughout most people’s lives they will experience a time when they will be asked to do something they don’t want to do. Do you have such an experience?
  6. Throughout our lives we learn several lessons from many different sources. Describe a time when you learned something that you simply couldn’t learn from a book?
  7. People have long said that the best way to learn is from failure. What do you think about this belief and do you have any specific examples to share?
  8. Do you think there are certain things worth fighting for? Do you have a specific experience where you fought for something that was important to you?
  9. Do you ever find yourself judging someone’s behavior because of a lack of experience or knowledge about their life? What did you do to keep from making these types of judgements?
  10. It’s commonly stated that lies can have serious consequences for the people involved. Can you write a narrative story about a time when a lie affected you?
  11. You’ve probably heard of the saying about having to be careful for things you wish for because of the fact that you might actually get it. Has this ever happened to you and was negative?
  12. The ways a person handles their disappointments can reveal a great deal about the things that are important to that person. Describe a disappointment in your life and the way you handled it?

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