A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write An Opinion Essay About The Internet

The Internet is an extremely interesting topic and everyone has an opinion on it. You might be asked to write an opinion essay about the Web, and you may have a problem figuring out what to do. Writing about the Internet is no different than any other subject. There are certain ways of doing the composition and if you follow them you will be successful.

  • Establish Your Thesis. This is your opinion and has to be in the opening paragraph. Do not ask anyone to guess what your feelings are but state them immediately.
  • Keep In Mind the Organization of a Good Essay. You have the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. Each part has its own role to play. The Introduction is where you get the reader’s attention, the Body is where you will present your argument and justification for your opinion, and the Conclusion is where you do a summation of your arguments.
  • Present Your Research. It is assumed you have done some studying on the Internet and have developed an opinion because of this. Make certain that you backup your opinion with research that justifies your stance.
  • Be Objective. Leave the angry rants for social media. You are writing to persuade somebody of your opinion, and using sarcasm and nasty words are not going to help. It is the logic of your reasons which will impress your teacher.
  • Always remember you are trying to get a grade out of all of this.
  • Make It Easy To Understand. Highly academic language might be acceptable for a journal, but not for a class essay. Whoever reads your composition must be able to understand it quickly. More often than not the simple words are what get the most attention, and generate the best understanding.
  • Proofread And Edit The Work. Mistakes do happen and you certainly do not want a misspelling to drop your grade.
  • Editing and proofreading just for the process, so don’t be afraid to do either. Having someone else take a look at the final draft is a way to make sure that small mistakes are identified and corrected.

There is a very important learning process which is part of this assignment. You are being asked to present a reasoned opinion of the Internet. For an opinion takes more than just spontaneous outputs. You need to do some research and thinking before you start writing. If you accept that and follow this guide you do well in the end.

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