Essay Topics For Fifth Graders: A List Of Unique Ideas

Having 5th graders write essays is one method of developing their writing skills at an early stage. Here is some essay topic suitable for them.


Bullying is a common problem in many schools. Many students witness fights in schools or even fights with their friends. Since a fifth grader may be concerned about his/her safety. This essay topic can be a great way of highlighting different ways to look for bullies. It is also a way of alerting teachers about the bad behavior.

Safety in school

Many a time students have been exposed to danger. A fifth grader would write an essay about safety measures that can be taken so as to have no knives or guns in school.

Social media

What is the best way of working with friends online? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having social study groups online? How can they deal with cyber bullying?


What are your plans and your goals?


Police brutality. What should be done to minimize deaths during riots?


What are your goals for college? Do you ever think of what you would like to be when you are an adult? Are there any courses that you are taking that ensure that you focus on that line?


What are some of the areas that you struggle with whilst at school? So far, what has been your inspiration? Is it your tutor, your teacher or a senior class member?


What is the most adventurous trip you have ever taken? Where did you travel to? Who did you travel with? What are some of the things that you did while you were there? What was the highlight of the trip?


Write about your life. What is the story of your life? What major events or experiences have shaped your life?


What is your favorite holiday? What do you like doing on this holiday? Who do you like to be with during this time? Why do you enjoy this holiday so much?


What game do you like the most? Give a description of the game. How is it played? What are the rules?

A friend

What is your view on relationships? What do friends do? How do they behave with each other? What happens when there is a disagreement between friends?

A kindness

Write about an act of kindness. What good thing did you do to someone or vice versa?

My personal hero

Who is your hero? What are his/her accomplishments? What makes this individual a hero?

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