List Of 25 Good Topics For A University-Level Argument Essay

An argumentative or discursive essay becomes complete when you choose a perfect topic that can be debated over and clear your stance on that particular topics. It’s not that you always need to choose a controversial topic for writing your paper. Even everyday topics of discussion and debate can also be chosen for your paper. We have handpicked 25 interesting topics for you, categorized under five subheads.

Technology in campuses

  1. Are the web and internet filters in your campus too lenient or too restrictive?
  2. Should your teachers take additional training on using technology in classrooms?
  3. Are mobile phones useful educational tools?
  4. Can PC games be used as pedagogical elements?
  5. Is a computer checking your papers as good as a human examiner?
  6. Social media

  7. Do trending social media sites already seem to be a bit outdated?
  8. Do you want to delete your social media accounts?
  9. Should your comments on social media be held as evidences for accusing and framing you with charges?
  10. Is people allowed to conceal their identity on social media sites a good thing altogether?
  11. Do you trust user reviews on social media?
  12. TV versus theatre

  13. Has TV become obsolete, or has it just become all the more powerful than ever?
  14. Do TV producers give enough effort to capture the sentiments and diversity of aboriginal people around the world?
  15. Does live theatre have the capability to offer something which electronic media cannot?
  16. Are TV programs reflective of the undercurrents of racism?
  17. Why do some advertisements on TV trigger controversies?
  18. Gender Issues

  19. Are girls too hard pressed by the society to have perfect figure?
  20. Is there a need to invent new ways to tell males from females?
  21. Equal rights for women and men: a case of your campus
  22. What should be done to prevent harassment of young women on campus?
  23. Why girls are not generally interested in pursuing careers in heavy engineering?
  24. Parenting

  25. How much freedom should your parents give you?
  26. The thin line between discipline and child abuse
  27. Should parents use parental control software programs to prevent kids from spending too much time on the internet?
  28. How exactly parents should teach discipline to their kids?
  29. Are Smartphones and modern devices ruining childhood?

If you are looking to write on any other topic, you can simply do an independent research on the web to find interesting essay topics. Alternatively, you can contact an academic writing agency to get a more comprehensive list of topics.

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