Simple Essay Topics On Utilitarianism: Expert Suggestions

Utilitarianism is a theory which states that the best moral action is the one that will maximize your well-being, despite the suffering that you’ll experience in the process. The founder of this theory is Jeremy Bentham, but John Stuart Mill has also made a great contribution to its development. If you’re asked to compose an essay on utilitarianism, you should think carefully selecting a specific topic for your work.

Topics That You May Choose to Write Your Paper

  1. A theoretical break between Mill’s and Bentham’s perceptions of utilitarianism.
  2. A description of Mill’s critique of Kant as an overview of his moral philosophy.
  3. The usage of the problem with a trolley hitting a president or construction workers as a model to describe ethics of utilitarianism.
  4. The differences between the concepts of expedience and utility according to Mill.
  5. The description of Mill’s critique of Epicureanism as an overview of his theory of utilitarianism.
  6. The principle of virtue within Mill’s utilitarian framework.
  7. The evaluation of competing forms of happiness according to Mill.
  8. Utilitarianism as an instrument to make people act selfishly.
  9. The connection between utilitarianism and a theory of life.
  10. The fundamental principle of morality according to utilitarianism.

Sources to Ask for Help with Your Essay

Utilitarianism isn’t an easy topic to write about, so you may need assistance to complete your task successfully. First of all, you may go to your instructor and consult them on where to search for decent theoretical sources and how to organize your work. They should provide you with useful advice that will make your task somewhat easier.

If you want to improve your writing skills, you may visit an academic center in your town and take a few lessons there. This will help you compose better essays and other papers in general. You may also hire a personal tutor who is an expert both in writing papers and discussing philosophical questions. With their help, your paper will have much more depth and meaning.

Purchasing a Custom Paper

If you think that utilitarianism isn’t a topic that you want to write about, you may hire another person to do this academic assignment for you. There are plenty of freelance academic writers and academic writing agencies on the Internet that will provide you with high-quality plagiarism free essays. However, make sure that nobody knows that you aren’t the true author of your paper. If your instructor discovers your little secret, they won’t accept your custom-written paper.

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