Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 20 Excellent Ideas

A cause and effect essay is the type of assignment that you can divide into two parts. One of the being an action and other being the reason or result of that action. You can write such an essay in two ways. Either you start from the cause and then discuss the effects that might have resulted in it or you can discuss the effect and show the causes for it. It is better to ask your teacher the preferable format in order to avoid any future complications. If your teacher says you are free to choose any format then you are good to go. The structure of these essays stays the same because you will always have an introduction, body and conclusion in any essay type.

Choosing a strong topic for your essay is important because it helps to stay focused and show the scope of your work to the audience. If you have a precise topic for your essay, your readers can tell what to expect from the rest of the assignment. It might be tough for you to choose a strong title if you are short of idea. You can consider brainstorming in order to trigger fresh ideas. You can consider these suggestions for a cause and effect essay to help reduce your efforts and time

Topic ideas to consider for a cause and effect essay

  1. What is the cause of increasing rape culture in developed countries?
  2. What are the effects of autocratic leadership in a corporate culture?
  3. What is the possible cause of increasing unemployment rates in America?
  4. How does the pop culture impact the youth in Britain?
  5. What are the causes for divorce rates increasing in various nations
  6. How does war effect economy, culture and literature
  7. What are the effects of free range parenting on the eldest kid
  8. What are the causes of anxiety and depression
  9. How does separation and divorce impact kids
  10. What are the impacts of down syndrome on kids
  11. How does media effect what we think and act
  12. How has information technology impacted our lifestyles
  13. What are the causes of terrorism
  14. What are the effects of 9/11 on Asians living abroad
  15. The causes of HIV
  16. The effects of nuclear bombing
  17. Causes of world war 1
  18. Causes of world war II
  19. Effects of world war II
  20. Effects of world war I

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