Creating A Personal Essay Title: Techniques To Use

Having to come up with an essay title can prove to be a bit tough. However, with a few guiding tips in place, the task becomes simpler. Below are some of the major guidelines to consider when writing your title:

Brainstorm ideas

Play around with words and phrases that suit your topic. Have a list of words and phrases and try and match them. You could also try to use different tenses and clichés for the words that you have in mind. You can also seek assistance from the Internet, all that is required is, browse your major keywords and make your choice among the various terminologies you receive.

First write your paper

One of the easiest ways to go with selecting a title is by having to first write the content of your work. It will then be much easier to communicate your topic through your heading. Carefully go through the entire paper and pick the major keywords that could fit as your title.


Your title is one of the very most important elements of your work. Its length will determine what kind of reaction it creates to your readers. It should be brief and precise. It should only give a hint of what is expected of your entire paper.


Your personal paper could entirely be based on anything. It could be based on a funny content or strange theme. Whichever topic you choose to write on, you can have all sorts of words for your title. However, it should always be in alignment to the tone of your topic, example an exciting or sorrowful tone.


Your main intention is to attract your readers and captivate their attention. You do not necessary have to come up with something complex. Let your heading be simple for easier comprehension.


Which image do you want to create to your readers. Do you want a surprising, interesting or startling image? In connection with your keywords make your readers curious, but remember the heading should be appropriate.

Seek help

This could basically be the last step you take, if you still having problems. Have someone read through your work. If they can come up with words, phrases and clichés that you could use, well and good. If that doesn't work ask them to come up with few words that summarize your paper, and then build on them.

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