5 Secrets For Creating A Great Argumentative Essay On Beowulf

Literary texts are varied and when it comes to poetic ones like Beowulf, you have got to appreciate the necessity of critical reading before you can embark on an argumentative write up. From the eleventh century, the poem Beowulf has stood the test of time against some of the fiercest analysis and it is still used on many academic contexts. The complex poetic composition is argued to have been written for pagans but has over the years been applied to Christianity through inclusion of Christian characters. To most ardent editors, having Beowulf on an editorial desk is painstaking but it usefulness even today which has remained appalling makes this literary composition formidable. The question is; if you were mandated to do an argumentative essay on Beowulf, how will you go about it without ever losing its intended message and meaning? Well, in this article, are some useful tips that will guide you in writing the best argumentative essay on Beowulf; in no time.

Comprehensive and competitive reading

For a complex poem yet so relevant in modern times despite having been written tens of decades ago, composing an argumentative essay on Beowulf is never easy after first reading. The belief that it was intended for pagan consumption makes it difficult to apply in modern context but after reading through the poem with a keen interest over and over again, you can bet on the fact that your perception of it will definitely change. The first grasp of it is never satisfactory for a well documented argumentative essay.

A thesis draft should start you off

To a critical reader, Beowulf revolves around a number of themes such as religion, fate, fortune, evil, good and death. It is on this premise why sometimes coming up with an ideal statement of claim (thesis) can prove rather a hard knuckle. Therefore, to get it right from the start, ensure to have a clear grasp of what the poem explores as pertains to the aforementioned themes and let your argument be pegged on modern contemporary views of these themes. Essentially, Beowulf’s perspective on say death and religion must have changed over the years and it is on this understanding that you base your argumentative essay.

How do you relate to the essay at a personal level?

Different readers will related variedly to the poem Beowulf and it is on this basis that if you want to come up with a great argumentative essay, it is important to take a look at existing argumentative essay by other writers.

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