Strong Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Third Grade Students

Writing has outlived its age because even today, people still write about things they are passionate about. It is also a skill necessary for students to successfully partake on their term paper writing and consequently get graded. Starting many centuries ago, writing is one of the artistic skills that traces its roots to biblical times when people use to do what is called scribbling on materials such as parchments, tablets and on rocks. During those ages, the style of composing literary pieces was largely primitive. Today, we as part of the process, witness an advanced style of it. Through literary composition, we can never run short of something to while away the day say published news on newspapers, journals and magazines. In schools such as colleges, voluminous books are available for knowledge consumption. On this premise, it has become a testable skill or in other words examinable. From first grade to eighth grades through to twelfth grade and universities, writing is a continuous process just like learning. In school, students are always tasked to compose essays and to a third grad student, sometimes coming up with say a compare and contrast topic is never easy. That is why, in this article, we start you off on third grade essay topics worth writing about. Take a look.

  • Compare and contrast essay topics about people is one area you can think about. In this regard, a literary piece about Nelson Mandela versus Barrack Obama is a good topic to start you off. You can also come up with a topic that compared and contract great boxing champions in history such as Mark Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.
  • Another great topic worth creativity when writing something comparative is on religion. In this regard, you can come up with a topic like Islam versus Christianity, Protestantism versus Catholic.
  • On education, a good topic can also be crafted with one such great one being comparing the level of excellence in public universities and private universities.
  • You can also compare and contrast a film in writing. There are many films out there. If you choose science-Fiction movies, you can compare Avatar and Matrix.
  • Further, a topic on books can do for a compare and contract narrative. In this regard, taking a topic like Shakespeare poetic rendition versus Maya Angelou would be ideal.
  • Another topic would be on sports such as cricket and baseball.

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