4 Best Places To Get Examples Of Reflective Essays

A reflective essay is the type of paper in which the writer examines and observes his experiences and the progress he has made so far in any specific field. Usually you have to attempt such assignments for college admission and scholarship grants about your academic careers. You have to explain how you achieved success in your academic career and what you learnt so far. However, the subject of this essay could be anything that you want to discuss with your audience. The basic purpose is to show your audience what you have learnt from certain experiences in your life, how they make you a better person in any way, and how you will apply this to achieve your future goals

The writer of such an assignment has the complete liberty to use the first person because he is talking about personal experiences. You can be as creative as you like with this paper but make sure you are being honest and real. One important thing to keep in mind is that this paper is a critical evaluation of yourself and you do not only have to talk about the positive things. You need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses both and present them in your paper. You can even mention a life-changing event that taught you to overcome your weaknesses or be a stronger individual.

You must be confused if you have never written a reflective essay before and this is your first time doing so. You will have tons of questions in your mind and you would want to address them through your paper. One thing you should be relaxed about is the structure of this paper because all essays follow the same traditional structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. You can apply this format to any of the essay assignment without any hesitation.

You might be having troubles with the style, tone, approach, and purpose of such an assignment. For this, it is best that you look at an example and use it to write your own paper. Examples help you in creating a perfect paper if they are relevant and proofread. To be able to find a good example for a reflective essay, you should consider the following sources

  1. The internet is laced with all sorts of samples for academic papers
  2. The library in your college
  3. Guidebooks
  4. Notes from a senior

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