A List Of 15 College Essay Topics That Can Grab Your Readers' Attention

Writing a college essay can be a daunting task for most students with respect to crafting and creating high quality essays. However, it seems as though one of the toughest yet overlooked steps when it comes to writing college essays is actually choosing an interesting topic to write about. Fortunately, there are tons of interesting topics that can make the process a little bit easier. In case you are one of those students who are still struggling with coming up with an appropriate and interesting topic for your college paper, here is a list of 15 college essay topics that can grab your readers’ attention.

  • Since nuclear weapons were invented, the world has had a long period of global peace. Discuss whether nuclear armament is a deterrence or a threat to world peace.
  • Zoos are at times seen as essential but not bad alternatives to natural environments. Write an argumentative paper discussing the arguments for and/or against preserving animals in the zoos.
  • Fatty and sugary snacks as well as junk food has been generally blamed for rising cases of obesity. Should the government impose a sin tax on such foods?
  • Write a paper about workplace place diversity, its importance, and how it affects workplace performance
  • Critically analyze and discuss the effects of social media on real life human relationships
  • Write a paper discussing how technology has eroded traditional ways of doing things
  • Critically analyze America’s mainstream media, especially TV. Do you think it represents the diversity of America?
  • Critically analyze the country’s law enforcement and criminal justice system. In your opinion, do you think the country’s law enforcement and criminal justice system is racially biased? In what ways is racism manifested in the system?
  • The popularity of reality TV shows has seen a phenomenal increase in the recent past. Critically analyze the values that are portrayed in one or several reality TV shows. Do you think they are popularizing stereotypes?
  • How would you speculate on the future of technology and the internet?
  • What is the role, importance, or detrimental effect of foreign aid that is awarded to less developed countries?
  • Should more developed countries be obliged to share their wealth with less developed nations?
  • Critically analyze the issue of terrorism. Do you think Christians or predominantly Christian states or nations are also guilty of perpetrating or sponsoring terrorism?
  • How does music affect how we socialize and maintain an identity?
  • What ethical responsibilities do artists have when creating pop culture?

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