How To Write A Good Essay In The Chicago Style: An Outline

When you write an essay, you usually count on your instinct. You just take the ideas and try to arrange them in a way that sounds good. While can be very comfortable, it can also bring many problems for you; you can forget to write about the most important things, or you can focus on something that is not relevant to the subject. To prevent such things you have to create an outline. Here is how to build one in the Chicago style:

  • Choose a new topic. The key for a good composition is a new, innovative topic. Of course, you can write about the same ideas as your colleagues but don’t expect your professor to appreciate you too much for this. Try to think outside the box and find something controversial that no other student would ever have the courage to approach. Others will be curious to see what you have to say and they will read your text.
  • Establish the main ideas. You will have to make research for a few days in order to be able to write your composition. Therefore, you have to establish the main ideas that you will analyze and write them on a separate piece of paper. In this way you can be sure that you don’t forget anything vital. Later, if you have any space left you can also get into details.
  • Divide the content in chapters. Now that you have the main ideas, you have to think how many chapters you will have and arrange them in a logic and chronologic order. Remember that a chapter should have at least one or two pages, so if your essay is not long enough don’t try to create too many chapters.
  • Create suitable titles. The titles are very important, because they need to help the reader find exactly what he’s looking for. This means that you have to use simple words that are completely relevant to the idea that you analyzed in that specific chapter. Also, try to stay away from terms that you have to explain; they will not know what it means, so they will not be tempted to read the chapter.
  • Correct and edit the outline. It is indeed a simple piece, but this does not mean that you can neglect it. Make sure there are no mistakes or errors.

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