Essay Topic Ideas Related To Beowulf: 24 Expert Suggestions

Choosing a great topic idea related to Beowulf can be hard, so we’ve gathered these 24 expert suggestions and best homework help websites to help you out:

  1. Describe the structure of the Beowulf medieval poem. How is it different from others of its time?
  2. Why do you think Beowulf must face each challenge (Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon) in a specific order?
  3. Do you think the structure of the poem relates in some way to the theme(s) of the work in its entirety?
  4. Why is ancestry and person’s lineage so important to the warriors and other characters in the play?
  5. How do the characters in the play respond to the many elements of gold as they appear throughout the poem?
  6. How important is the mead-hall culture and traditions among Anglo-Saxon warriors as presented in the poem?
  7. How is the structure of the fighting related to the epic theme in that each battle corresponds to a moral challenge?
  8. What role do you think the male-dominated or patriarchal history play in the place where Beowulf is set?
  9. Find examples in the play in which the proper relationship between lords and warriors directly affects the events?
  10. Discuss how Beowulf’s father’s debt of loyalty to Hrothgar binds Beowulf to a debt of loyalty to the king?
  11. Describe the role that religion plays in Beowulf. How is this symbolic of the societal beliefs in the culture from when the play was written?
  12. According to the poem what is the proper relationship between lords and warriors and how does this affect Beowulf’s decisions?
  13. What is the principle role that women play in the predominantly male-centered culture of the poem?
  14. How important is the role of treasure within the play and how does it affect characters’ actions throughout?
  15. How is the poem structured and what does this suggest about the kind of storytelling prevalent in Anglo-Saxon society?
  16. How do the several digressions that occur throughout the poem affect the main action and events of the story?
  17. Do you consider Beowulf to be a good hero or king in the poem? What characteristics does he possess or lack that determines this?
  18. Examine the poem and discuss some ways in which it portrays modern society. What are the common characteristics?
  19. What are the major themes that are explored in the poem and how do they represent a lot of the characteristics of the society?
  20. Is Beowulf a prideful hero or is his characterization reflective of contemporary images of what a hero should be?
  21. Can Beowulf be compared to any modern day fictional heroes? What challenges do modern heroes face that are similar?
  22. How does Beowulf portray the values, culture, and morals of Danish society of the time?
  23. Can Beowulf’s heroic journey be compared to those of the ancient Greek tragedies or are they too different to compare?
  24. What does the structure of the poem suggest about the way Danish society viewed heroic storytelling?

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