How To Do My Essay In Three Hours: Advice From Experts

It’s not easy to write a good paper in a short period of time even if you’re a professional writer. If you’re just a student this task might seem very difficult. However, if you use a proper approach, you’ll be able to write a decent essay even in three hours. Here you may look at the tips that will help you in this matter.

  1. Do some planning.
  2. You shouldn’t start writing your paper immediately. It’s advisable to use at about ten percent of the given time on planning. There is no need to rush. This might lead to a moment when you won’t know what to say and will waste valuable time on staring at your paper.

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  3. Structure your paper.
  4. It’s necessary to create an outline before you start writing. It doesn’t matter how much paragraphs you plan to create. The main idea is to divide your essay into such parts like an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

  5. Think about arguments.
  6. You should think carefully about arguments and examples that you’re going to present in your paper. If you plan your arguments in advance, it’ll be easier for you to adapt your text to them. Searching for proper ideas in the middle of a writing process will slow down your pace and bring more stress.

  7. Write in simple language.
  8. You should make your sentences direct and clear. There is no need to create complex grammatical structures. Use only the words which meanings you know for sure. Don’t use terms that are known only to narrow circle of people. Your readers aren’t likely to be all-knowing.

  9. Write your intro.
  10. Your introduction shouldn’t be longer than one paragraph. The main thing is to create a hook that will grab the attention of a reader and present the topic of your essay in a clear and understandable way.

  11. Write your body paragraphs.
  12. This part plays the most important role in your paper. Here you should raise your ideas and arguments, and support them. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t deviate from your topic. Everything you write should be directly connected to your thesis statement. Otherwise, your paper will look like empty rhetoric to your readers.

  13. Write you conclusion.
  14. In this part of your essay you shouldn’t create new points. It’s necessary to make a summation of your arguments. The secret of a good conclusion is to write a final sentence that will make a lasting impression on your readers.

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