Composing The Best College Essay: Things To Remember

Most people dread this part of the application process because it is uncomfortable to take a critical look at yourself and write about it. What you need to realize is that every student is in the exact same situation that you are so you can take comfort in that. The people who read these essays also understand that as well and know you are attending college to get better at writing essays but they want to see what level you are at. Here are some things to remember when you are composing the best college essay you can:

  • This essay will accompany your transcripts and your SAT scores. They will also know about your athletic achievements and anything else that is indicated on your college application. This essay will tell them two things: It will give them some idea of how well your writing abilities are
    • A little bit about your personality
    • They want to know things about you that they can’t see in your written scores. The easiest thing to talk about is your strengths. What are you good at? Brag about yourself.
  • Take a few minutes on this part – Think about something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Think about anything that makes you different from other students. It could be anything that makes your unusual. This will make your essay interesting as well as bring variety to their college.
  • Another way to make your essay interesting is to write a short segment on some experience you have lived through that others may not. It may be funny, or serious. Something like surviving a serious illness or spending time in a foreign country or some life changing experience.
  • Once you have decided all that you want in your essay, create an outline. This will make sure you include everything you wanted in the essay as well as force you to organize your information. Doing this will create a nice flow to your essay as well as creates a logical, easy-to-understand essay.
  • Now that you have your outline, you can create your rough draft of your essay. All you need to do is make sure you have the same components as in all other essays. You need the introduction, body, and conclusion. Use your outline as a roadmap and create your three parts.
  • Let someone you trust read your essay. Possibly your parents may be an option or your guidance counselor at school. They can give you advice as to what else you may want to add.

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