A Quick Guide To Editing Your Essay: 5 Golden Rules

A few helpful tips to finesse your essay writing skills…

Not everyone is cut out to become the next great writer, but that does not stop formal and scholarly writing skills to be pivotal for success in academic or professional lives. Then there are those who are, to put it simply, master communicators, but just can not seem to arrive at penning down that that traverses their minds.

With the help of a few basic principles, any writer can become a good writer. We have composed a few such helpful golden nuggets that should allow you to tap that dormant potential within you.

Rule Number 1: Brainstorm! Brainstorm! Brainstorm!

  • For most people ideas just don’t pop off the top off their heads in synchronicity to the entirety of the whole picture. This means, ideas are there, but the exact manner in which all of them fit together is not clear right off the top of the bat.
  • Given this fairly common incidence, brainstorming enables you to bring order out of the chaos. By brainstorming you can divide an otherwise complex task into a manageable chunk size.
  • However, the brainstorming process should be followed with the sole objective of pitching random ideas in your head. Pay no bearing to how and why different aspects of the issue fit together right now.

Rule Number 2: Calm down now you silly bug…!

  • After having brainstormed, you will have a good number of ideas before you. And you may now be tempted to get right to writing process. Do not do that.
  • Calm down, take a couple of moments to gather your breath, you just spent tremendous energy brainstorming.
  • Now that you are calm, and have your composure, start looking at the ideas you have before you, and try and group the related ones together.

Rule Number 3: Take a step back, and look at the bigger picture now.

  • By this point you will have chunks of related information before you. And these will be big chunks, not small atomic ones.
  • Your task now is to place these big pieces in bigger groups, the formal people like to call these big pieces paragraphs.

Rule Number 4: The metal is now hot and the time is right to strike the hammer.

  • Once you have your big pieces (paragraphs) use permutation and commination to bring a good flow to them, use transition words.

Rule Number 5: Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

  • No amount of proofreading is suffice.
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and flow are just some of the many things you need to check.
  • Proofread at least 2 to 3 times for complete satisfaction.

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