Solid Advice On How To Develop Postgraduate Essay Writing Skills

Many students face the same challenge that you might be facing today; you know your stuff, you’ve studied all the books and have a lot of things to say - what you don’t know is how to write it all down to make your essay look and sound academic. Well, the one option is that there is a lot of writing help on a website like this which can be found on the web. On the other hand, you can try and improve your writing skills. Especially given that postgraduates have a lot of academic writing to do.

Advice on improving your writing skills

  • References: This is something that you might have already heard being repeatedly mentioned with regards to writing an essay. Well, that is because it is very important to include in all academic writing. At this level, it is important to balance out your own opinions on a subject with concrete evidence from your own research. Not just with direct quotes but every point or example that you borrow from somewhere (whether it is a text, film or somebody else’s words), you should mention where and from whom you are borrowing this idea. It also shows that you have done an academic standard of research for your work.
  • Formal tone: Developing a formal writing voice takes practice, but you should try reading as many academic papers and thesis as much as you can to understand what that means. The tone of voice that you have been using this time might have been more casual, but in the postgraduate level - your style of writing should be academic and formal.
  • Rich vocabulary - The vocabulary or register of words that you use to write a formal academic paper should also be developed. You will no longer be able to get away with informal lingo and phrases, instead your paper should ideally be peppered with technical terms, not only pertaining to the subject you are writing about but also the general words that you use to frame your sentence. This automatically lends an air of seriousness to your paper. Reading more books or academic texts can help with this.

Like any other skill, writing good postgraduate essays require practice, research and honing an interest in reading. It is helpful to remember that all good essayists are also serious readers.

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