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We will help you to make your paper unique—to have it stand out, and be different from all your classmates—you’ll be setting yourself up for a better grade.

7 ideas to help you write a unique essay:

When your teacher goes to grade papers, they’re having to read dozens, maybe even a hundred, of practically the same paper, often times on the same subject. If you thought writing the paper was boring, reading through that many of them is that much worse. American essay writing website is your number one source of high quality essays. But how do you go about making an otherwise mundane paper unique? Well, in some ways it will depend on what kind of essay it is. If it is research paper, the best you can do is to try to find some truly interesting information about the topic that you are researching. But if it is an argumentative essay, the possibilities for it are practically endless, which gives you a lot of opportunity to make yours stand out.

  • Follow these 7 ideas for perfecting the art of writing a unique essay:

    Don’t automatically go with the obvious thesis

    If your teacher has provided you with a topic for the paper, don’t just go with the response that is most obvious to you. Chances are, that is the response that all your classmates will go with also. If it is a question that has two sides, consider choosing the opposite side of the one you would normally pick. This will do two things - first, it will force you to look at the issue through a new lens. Second, it will force you to craft your argument more carefully and thoughtfully because you won’t be using an argument that is obvious to you.

    Make sure you can find evidence for your argument, but don’t rely on it too much

    Any good essay that is stating a thesis or arguing a point should rely on evidence and examples to support it. While it is important to be able to find good evidence for your topic, don’t rely on it two heavily. This will help you make your paper more creative, and less of a list of quotes and facts.

    Brainstorm your topic to find every possible insight

    Exploring your topic to better understand the relationships that exist within it can help you to find new, interesting points of view around it. Try brainstorming by mapping out the topic, its components, and other topics that relate to it. Consider each of the lines that you draw connecting two things as potential paper topics.

    Talk it through with friends of family

    One of the best ways to come up with interesting, unique papers is to talk it through with someone else. Not only will their point of view probably give you good ideas, but it can help you better understand your own point of view, and come up with new arguments to make.

    Choose the part of the topic that is most interesting to you

    Writing on a topic that you find boring will probably make your paper boring. So try to choose the part of the topic that is most interesting to you.

    Write with an interesting and compelling tone

    If you write your paper with the same tone that you would write a grocery list, it will make it much less interesting and creative. Play around with different tones - conversational, high brow, inspiring - and see what works best for your particular paper.

    Make sure it is organized and easy to read

    This will make your paper easier to understand and digest for your reader. The easier it is for them to understand, the more they will be able to appreciate it.

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